A Sweet Partnership


You have probably heard the saying “No man stands alone”. I have found that to be true especially since being in the food business. I did not realize the power of a great collaboration until meeting Karma of Karma in the Kitchen. Collaborations can be the driving force to get your business moving. If the right two components come together they can create a powerful combination and develop a strong synergistic relationship. You have to know that when the Bible speaks about two coming together creating a powerful union there must be truth in it.

I don't think that I ever believed that I would be in business for myself at such an early age. I have been a business owner since I was 14 years old. I am now 15 about to turn 16 in October and I love that God has blessed me to find purpose within my life. I am so blessed to own my own business. It allows me to do something that I really enjoy doing, showcase the skills that God has given me and meet some incredible people along the way.


As joyous and wonderful as business ownership sounds it too comes with its own learning curve. As I began to take my business seriously I quickly realized no one has ever succeeded on their own and that I would need help, I would need my community. One of the best perks of my job as head gourmet marshmallow maker of Harper House of Sweets is I get to see the generosity of business owners in my community. I am so grateful for the number of people who believe in me and have sowed into me knowledge, wisdom, time, money and their true kindness. I had no background or experience when I first started my Gourmet Marshmallow business. The blessing was that I had parents who were business owners, who grew up in households where their parents both owned businesses. Although they had a business background my baking skills were mainly learned on the fly with the help of my grandmother’s cookbook and my family’s guidance.

I have learned that business is actually really hard and it takes work and ingenuity and lots of help. I had to find what avenue really worked for me. Going to restaurants for wholesale was a great opportunity and way to make a great profit. So we created the model of my business which is to wholesale to restaurants and cater. It was through meeting a vendor who referred me to Chocoletier and Chocolate Maker Karma Decker who owns Karma in the Kitchen a chocolate shop located in West Chester, OH. After meeting her and gleaning from her expertise I was inspired to embark upon a 12-month business blitz to celebrate small businesses and to promote our product.


Before meeting Karma I wasn't really sure what to expect in regards to what a business collaboration really meant. Karma was a former baker that went on to become a chocolatier who now specializes in artisan chocolates, amazing caramels and life changing fudge. So I wasn't sure if what I produced was going to benefit her at all.

The day that I met Karma it was through the referral of a vendor who I had met a week prior. We called Karma and she was ameniable to the meeting. I was thrilled to experience such amazing things that day. First, I got to taste lots of handmade gourmet chocolates and really get a feel on what quality in the chocolate world really tastes and look like. Second I was able to get a real chocolate tempering machine that she had which really validated what we were doing. She gave me many tips and strategies that would help my business grow. Such as names of her distributors from chocolate to packaging. I was inspired looking and Karma's packaging to update our packaging at Harper House of Sweets. Lastly, I was blessed to discover that I too have a desire to become a chocolatier and successful business woman.


I must say initially I wasn't sure how the collaboration was going to turn out but I believe that it is a win-win for both parties. I believe the gourmet marshmallows add to her assortment of wonderful chocolates and gives her customers a different offering and I believe that she provides a similar uniqueness to Harper House of Sweets as well. This eye-opening experience gave me a dynamic perspective about people, collaborations, business, etc.

The experience and input from Karma and her partner Kendra really changed how I thought about business. I cannot explain the value that comes from a great business association. Especially one that’s so sweet and I’m not just talking about the Chocolate. Make sure that you go and check out Karma’s facebook and instagram and visit her shop at www.karmainthekitchen.com!

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