Are Marshmallows as big as Apples?

I have been a little out of sorts with the end of the school year and this move that my family is taking on to a new home. All very exciting for me but it has been challenging to get this blog started and to connect with the wonderful individuals I have met over the last six months.

Although, our move has not taken place, I am trusting that God will handle the remaining details which will allow me to consistently talk to you.

My mom and I have attended a few craft shows and vendor shows to introduce the world to gourmet marshmallows. While attending these shows I have had a lot of people walk up to our booth and ask if the marshmallows are apples. Many times I will tell them these are gourmet marshmallows and still they will insist that they are apples. I kind of like when they do that because it lets me know how special the marshmallows are.

So the answer to the question are marshmallows as big as apples, the answer is they can be if they are gourmet marshmallows. I took a picture for you to see a pan of our Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough gourmet marshmallows right next to a pan of McIntosh apples and see for yourself. I thought it looked so cool to actually see them side-by-side. I didn't even realize myself that they were that big.

#gourmet marshmallows, #sweet treats, #chocolate,

Order some gourmet marshmallows for your next social event they are sure to be a hit.

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